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Kabi Samrata Upendra Bhanja was a 17th-century Odia poet-composer of classical Odissi music. He is most known for his Odissi songs and kabyas written in the Odia language, primarily Baidehisa... Read More

This book manages the lufe, accomplishments and considerations of one of the best Odias, Lawyer Madhusudan Das .Not many would know about this courteous fellow who devoted his life for... Read More

Gourahari Das is an imaginative essayist, writer and an academician.Born in 1960, in a back of the past town in the region of Bhadrak (previously a piece of Balasore) of... Read More

fantastic interior design Great Skilled artisans from Pipli, Odisha, create the appliqués and design work. The appliqué art produced in the village of Pipli is highly known. Applique is known... Read More

Handcrafted Pipili Chandua Double Peocock Design Wall hanging .The magnificent applique work is a type of needlework that involves cutting brightly coloured cloth into the shapes of gods, the sun,... Read More

Odisha Jagannatha Pipili Chandua.This tapestry was handcrafted in Odisha by talented artisans. This Chandua Ethnic Mandala Tapestry was stitched by women in the Pipili Puri District of Odisha, which is... Read More

Handicrafts are the entryway to this ethnic nation and are well known for their quality throughout India. The first step in the primary research for this project was a trip... Read More

Double layer jute long dangling earrings are made for girls and women. It is made by our talented Indian artisans and is skin-friendly, lightweight, inexpensive, and handcrafted. Since jute is... Read More