Biometric Face Recognition Attendance System – Hornet-X1

The Oculus Vision Hornet-X1 redefines modern attendance systems with its advanced Biometric Face Recognition Attendance technology. Designed for accuracy and efficiency, this state-of-the-art device stands out in Pakistan’s market as a trusted solution for businesses aiming for precision in time-tracking. The Hornet-X1 not only offers impeccable face recognition but also integrates RFID Proximity, Biometric Fingerprint, and Passcode features. Through its cloud-based system, it assures ease of access and data security, allowing real-time monitoring from any location. Furthermore, its user-friendly mobile application empowers employees, enabling them to view attendance records and manage leaves effortlessly. With additional security measures, such as QR-Code based Visitor Management Access, businesses can ensure a secure and efficient environment. Trust in the Hornet-X1 for a seamless, accurate, and dependable attendance management solution