Captan 70%+ Hexaconazole 5% WP I Fungicide Manufacturer & Exporter I Peptech Biosciences

Captan 70%+ Hexaconazole 5% WP is a distinctive antifungal agrochemical blend, combining contact and systemic fungicides within a wettable powder (WP) formulation. Comprising the active components Captan (70%) and Hexaconazole (5%), this formulation boasts a broad-spectrum fungicidal efficacy. It proves highly effective on a variety of crops, including fruits and vegetables, countering diseases like powdery mildew, anthracnose, late blight, early blight, downy mildew, and grey mildew. Notably, this fungicide extends its protective reach to address soil-borne and seed-borne diseases, making it a versatile and robust tool in the battle against fungal pathogens in agriculture.