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The New Holland 5510 is a formidable addition to the lineup of tractors revolutionising farming practices across India. With its blend of power, versatility, and reliability, the New Holland 5510 has garnered widespread acclaim among farmers and agricultural enthusiasts.The New Holland 5510 price in India starts from INR 10.03 lakhs to 11.71 lakhs in India.
Equipped with a robust engine and advanced features, the New Holland 5510 is designed to tackle a wide range of agricultural tasks with ease. Whether it's ploughing fields, planting crops, or transporting goods, this versatile tractor delivers consistent performance in diverse farming conditions. We will explore the key points that make the New Holland Excel 5510 tractor a preferred choice for Indian farmers.
Engine: A reliable, fuel-efficient engine with 3 cylinders displacement that can provide a maximum power of 49.5 HP powers the tractor. Due to its high power and torque output, the New Holland 5500 Turbo Super tractor is appropriate for a variety of agricultural tasks. It provides dependable performance, economical fuel usage, and increased
Transmission: It often has an 8F (Forward) + 8R (Reverse), 12F + 12R, 20F + 20R, and 24F + 24R gear speed. Its Fully Synchromesh Mech & Power Shuttle option, which makes side shift gear lever position
Power take-off (PTO): The tractor has a 540 RPM PTO that enables you to attach and run a variety of equipment and attachments, including tillers, mowers, and balers.
Hydraulics: The hydraulic system of the New Holland 5500 Turbo Super tractor typically has a lifting capacity of 2000/2500 kg, and the improved control is used to operate implements. You may connect and operate hydraulically driven attachments using the hydraulic remote controls and valves.
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