Journeying To the End of Life by Rev. Kenneth Patrick

How do you want the natural journey of life on earth to end for you and your loved ones? Do you want a "Beautiful Death", where life draws to close with dignity and a sense of blessedness? Do you want pain managed to the full extent medical science makes possible? Do you want life to end in a place that is safe and comfortable, surrounded by those held dear in the heart? Is it important to remain a vital person, connected to family and friends, and involved in their lives until the end? Journeying to the End of Life explores how a Beautiful Death can take place for 78 million Baby Boomers. It shares for the first time, the spiritual wisdom of companioning the dying that has been a part of the Western hospice tradition for over 1, 500 years. Drawing on this ancient wisdom, a bold new vision is presented of how we may companion millions of Americans in body, heart, and soul at the end of life. It challenges our nation to a more compassionate way of caring for those in their final days, and speaks prophetically of the social changes required of our country to allow death at home to become the natural way life ends. Journeying calls for a new end of life Medicare benefit, so that it becomes financially practical for millions to die at home, companioned by loved ones. It also speaks of how modern technology can be applied to end of life care, enabling the dying to be safe and connected to others. It further shares the need for faith