OTP Messaging Service Marketing Solution

Moment's Text Messaging Service is the fastest and common with effective communication tool for business and for any kind of service provider. just because of sms get instant deliverability and high open response rate, Spring Edge give 99 open rate and 4- 5 Sec of success rate of sms delivery.
Now a days' everyone's carrying cell phone and any time you can shoot them a dispatch, it means fluently you can reach to anyone with the help of Text messaging service. The education sector can profit greatly from using bulk SMS service, it’s a great way to make relationship with scholars, parents, and preceptors.

In Education field we can shoot dispatches in Several ways like : for Parents- schoolteacher meetings With the help of Text Messaging service, School staff can inform to the parents and partake the gentle remainder dispatches regarding the forthcoming meetings and important notification of academy policy and guidelines.

SMS dispatches for rainfall cautions and exigency cautions with the help of Text messaging we can shoot the cautions for rainfall and in an exigency can save life. Whether condition can affect traveling and can beget of accident also. Simple textbook cautions to parents and academy operation can save scholars life. Notifying parents and scholars incontinently of any cancellations or closers of academy, giving them plenitude of time to make indispensable arrangements.