PPCH – Brand itself became a Technology | Anjney Tubes India

Manufacturer of PPCH Pipes and fittings in Ahmedabad, Exporter of PPCH Pipes and fittings in India.PPCH Pipe, Coupler, Elbow, Equal Tee, End Cap, Reducer, Reducing Tee, Long Radius Elbow, Core Flange, Male Threaded Joint Adapter, Female Threaded Joint Adapter, Male Threaded Elbow, Female Threaded Elbow, Female Threaded Tee, Male Threaded Tee, Female Threaded Union, Male Threaded Union, Cross, Branch Adapter, Fabricated Butt Welded Equal Tee, Fabricated Reducer, Fabricated Elbow, Electrostatic Metal Flange, Thermal Step Flange