SanketLife turns out being the smallest 12 Lead ECG Machine

SanketLife turns out to be the smallest 12 Lead ECG Machine that is used to monitor an individual's heart rates and rhythms.
SanketLife ECG Device consists of two metal electrodes to record a touch-based ECG anytime anywhere. The leads can be connected to each electrode, which is then placed on the patient’s body to transmit electrical signals from the heart to wire-connected monitoring devices. This Portable ECG Machine records the electrical activity of the heart and translates it into digital signals; that can be instantly seen on your smartphone app without rushing anywhere. The SanketLife ECG Machine can be used for both the professional and personal heart health monitoring. The 12 Lead ECG Machine offers to detect irregular heart rhythms, blocked arteries & identifies cardiovascular disease and other health problems. The Portable ECG Machine also provides an accurate diagnosis of the cardiac events with digital shareable reports and cardiologist reviews.