The device is suitable for peeling pineapple, and the machine can be used for peeling and core removing two processes to obtain a cylindrical pineapple cone.

This machine is special designed for pineapple processing, do peeling and coring at same time. Pineapples can be completed through the machine peeled, stabbed heart two processes, in order to get a a cylindrical pineapple fruit barrel

The head and end of the pineapple is cut away manually, put the cut pineapple on to the operation table whose height can be adjusted. The pneumatic device will push the pineapple forward, the pineapple will be scratched by the scratching knife. And then it will be pushed into the column at high speed with peeling knife, at the same time the destoing knife will destine the pineapple while the pineapple goes forward into the column. The operation is easy after our training.