Testa: Crowd Testing Platform for Better iGaming QA and UX

Testa was founded by technology professionals who specialize in solutions for iGaming operators and providers. Our goal is to help iGaming businesses deliver the highest quality products to wherever their customers are. We strive to bring the quality of silicon valley software delivery to the iGaming industry at large. Testa’s network of quality testers is now available for the iGaming industry worldwide. Covering global markets with a community of iGaming-savvy QA testers, we test with real people on real devices from any market. From thorough manual and automated functional testing to insightful competitor analysis and responsive performance monitoring, Testa’s crowdsourced data and solutions deliver immediate value. Explore our resources for the latest iGaming trends and learn how Testa can streamline your QA process. Testa is more than just testing, it’s a competitive edge that provides comprehensive data and solutions for iGaming software developers, operators, and providers. Please visit https://www.testa.io/ to learn more about us.