The Medlin Law Firm- Fort Worth

At The Medlin Law Firm in Fort Worth, we understand that encountering legal issues can be daunting; especially when it pertains to criminal accusations or navigating complex immigration matters. That's why our dedicated attorneys offer comprehensive defense services for a variety of charges including DWI, DUI, theft crimes as well as domestic violence and drug defense such as marijuana possession. We stand as vigilant defenders for those charged with felonies or assault and aim to provide peace of mind with competent legal guidance every step of the way. As a skilled fort worth criminal attorney team and an accomplished immigration attorney at fort worth profiled firm, we offer insights into the startling intertwining between criminal matters and immigration consequences you might face. The Medlin Law Firm leverages its wealth of knowledge to strategize defenses that protect not just your present but also secure your future freedom—to us each client’s journey toward justice is personal.