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In a landmark move that is set to redefine the landscape of football collectibles, Topps has announced the debut of the inaugural EURO 2024 Match Attax collection. Bursting with an array of captivating subsets and unparalleled cards, this revolutionary collection encapsulates the essence of the European football championship like never before. With a staggering 457 cards to covet, enthusiasts are poised to embark on an exhilarating journey through the realms of footballing glory.

The EURO 2024 Match Attax collection offers a cornucopia of categories designed to enthral collectors of all stripes. From the illustrious Golden Goalscorer and Centurion cards to the awe-inspiring Hero and Ultimate subsets, every card pulsates with the electrifying energy of the championship. Delving deeper into the collection reveals the exquisite Graduated Gem cards, paying homage to the luminaries of the sport, alongside the timeless allure of Legends and the prestigious 100 Club.

Adding a layer of intrigue are the coveted Crystal, Emerald, and Sapphire parallels, each shimmering with its own unique allure. Meanwhile, the EURO Energy cards inject an extra dimension of dynamism into the fray, while the enigmatic EURO Black Edge cards evoke a sense of mystery and anticipation with every reveal.

True to its tradition of innovation, Topps introduces a host of novel concepts, including the EURO Auto and Combo cards, designed to captivate collectors with their blend of artistry and rarity. Furthermore, the EURO Chrome Shields exude a contemporary flair, elevating the aesthetic appeal of the collection to unprecedented heights.

However, the pièce de resistance of the EURO 2024 Match Attax collection undoubtedly lies in the form of the Ultra-Rare Career Celebration card dedicated to the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo. A tribute to his unparalleled contributions to the sport, this card serves as a testament to his enduring legacy and the indelible mark he has left on footballing history.