What is a verified Paypal account?

Tips for Safely Using PayPal Verified Accounts
Using verified Paypal accounts is one of the best ways to ensure safe and secure online purchases.
Make the most of your account by following these safety tips and best practices:

Don’t reveal any account details:

Never give out your password or any other account information to a third party.
Paypal will never ask for this information, so be on the lookout for any unexpected inquiries.
By choosing a strong password, you may ensure that it is unique and difficult to guess. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Buy verified paypal accounts.

Regularly check your account:
Make sure there haven’t been any fraudulent transactions by periodically checking your account.
Activate two-factor verification. By needing your phone number in addition to your password to log in, this adds an extra degree of security to your account.
Verify each transaction before accepting: Before approving a transaction, carefully review each one. In the event that something seems odd,
contact Paypal straight away.
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